Hungry (and scared) | Russell Day 58

by Russell on October 28, 2011


So, the fast is officially “almost over”.

With just 2 days left after today, I have to say that this has gone by much more quickly (and painlessly) than I expected.

Sure, the fast had its ups and downs, but for the most part this has

been incredibly easy…

…and it”s totally reinforced my belief that ANYONE can do this (if you want to make this commitment for yourself).

In my experience, it”s been kind of crazy just how “easy” this has been.

I feel like I haven”t done enough. Like I need to keep going.

My mind is starting to play tricks on me – trying to take me back to where I was viagra canda before I committed to changing my life.

I”m starting to think I”m HUNGRY (even though I”m physically not)…

…and I”m craving the weirdest things – things I would normally NEVER eat (such as nacho cheese, popcorn butter, etc).

Everything LOOKS so delicious – pizza, burgers, wings, etc…

But I”ve been down this road before.

I”ve given in to the temptation of bad foods, and I know that it”s not nearly as good as I like to THINK it is.

Truth is, most “junk food” tastes like CRAP!

I remember the first time I had pizza after being vegan for 6 months.

In my mind, it was going to be a near-orgasmic experience.

The delicious cheese and sauce was going to melt in my mouth, into a delicious explosion of flavor and unsolicited chemical reactions, naturally driving me to an unlimited state of nirvana…

Not really.

The pizza was disgusting. The cheese was slimy. And I immediately regretted wasting money on such junk.

That”s what happens when I act against my values. I”m let down every time.

I never get what I want when I do the exact opposite of what I know is right. Violating my values has never paid off for me.

Which is why I know

I”ll be safe after the fast.

I”ve still got quite a bit of weight to lose – I”m not happy with my body yet.

The fast has definitely helped me get back on the path to a long, healthy life.

But the way I see it, this is just the first step.

I gotta tell my fear to get the heck out of my way, because it”s only going to sabotage me if I let it linger.

Thinking back, I can remember all the bad decisions I”ve made in my life. Every single one of them stemmed from some form of fear.

It”s like the guard (aka V) in the incredible film, V for Vendetta, says when he releases Evey

Then you have no fear any more. You”re completely free.

Freedom from fear is freedom in life.

Fear chains us down. Fear keeps us where we are, and makes us lose the good things we have.

Fear is a primal instinct, and its purpose is to keep us alive. But when we let us control us in the wrong ways…

…and fear tells us to associate positive change with pain or death…

…then fear is slowly killing us. And for me, that is not an option.

I”m thinking about making a raw pumpkin pie to celebrate Halloween, as that is the first day I”ll be off the fast.


all depends on whether or not I think my system is ready to handle pumpkin and dates (which I”d use for the crust).

I may just have an apple or a small green salad. I”ve been visualizing and “planning” my first meal for the past 58 days, but I still have no idea what it will be : )

Thank you for following along on this journey. Although my juice fast is nearly done, I believe this movement is just beginning.

The purpose of this website isn”t to tell my story. The purpose of this website is to stand testament that change really isn”t all that “scary” or “bad” like we think it is. And if you want to create positive change in your life, you can.

So if you found this site on google, or someone referred you here, please Contact me and let me know your goals for fasting.

I would love to help you create the changes you want in your life, and continue to use this website to share positive, empowering material.

Until next time,
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I want to apologize for dropping the ball.

Not with the fast – it”s still coming along great.

But with posting, and helping others create exceptional change in their lives.

See, I”ve been going through some pretty intense changes myself lat


Two weeks ago, I left my business.

The same business I started back in 2009, and put 2.5 years of blood, sweat, and tears into!

The initial result was a lot of reflection.

I knew I wanted to leave the business for a long time, but then after finally pulling the trigger I ended up buried in my own thoughts and emotions.

The truth is, I wasn”t really in a positive place where I could share valuable content on a daily basis.

Now I”ve come out of that period of reflection, with more vision and clarity than I”ve had in years!

Life is already 100 times better than I imagined it”d be when I left my business, but,

as you can imagine with leaving any serious commitment, fear crept in and left me immobilized for a short period of time.

Wow am I glad that period is over!

So, now I”m 49 days into the fast and I feel better than ever.

I”ve been running and lifting weights moderately for the past 2 weeks, and I started a membership at 24 Hour Fitness.

I”ve found that it doesn”t matter that I haven”t eaten since August 31st – I have more energy than ever, and can complete workouts just like I used to.

Plus, I look great! My face has totally transformed and my gut has shrunk immensely.

I now need to wear a belt on pants which were skin-tight before starting the fast.

Likewise, shirts which barely fit now hang off me.

I weighed myself at the gym yesterday, and the result was 284.

When I first started at the gym, I noticed there was about a 7 pound difference between the gym scale and the scale I used at my old office.

This means I”m at approximately 277 according to my old scale – that”s a 48 pound weight loss in 49 days!

Altogether that means I”ve lost 73 pounds since July 17th… holy smokes!

I don”t even notice the difference as much as my friends do.

At this point I feel naturally healthy again, and I can barely begin to fathom how TERRIBLE I felt just 3.5 months ago, when I was smoking a pack of cigarettes every day, weighing 350 pounds, and drinking 4-5 Trenta Iced Coffees from Starbucks every day.

It feels good to be a gangster! lol

Until next time,

P.S. I also

want to welcome Ross back to the fast. Ross ended his fast around the 30 day mark, but now he”s back and committed to doing another 30 day fast.

P.P.S. Regarding my financial situation – don”t worry! I”m not in trouble. I”ve already replaced my income with freelance work and am looking into opportunities viagra online in usa to work with incredible startups in the technology space.
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Took a break from posting… (Russell Day 39)

by Russell on October 9, 2011

Hey everybody!

Sorry for not posting

for the past 6 days…

The fast is still going great. On day 35 I weighed in:

fast, on Flickr” target=”_blank”>35 Pounds Weight Loss | Russell Day 35

Sorry for the low quality photo. As you can see, I”m

down 35 pounds from my starting weight of 325.

I don”t really have much to say. The fast is going great and I”ve started lifting weights again.

I feel incredible.

At this point the fast is very easy, it”s a natural part of my life. When I get inspired to share valuable information I will blog again, however I don”t really plan on posting every day just for the sake of posting.

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The Morning After… (Russell Day 33)

by Russell on October 4, 2011

Ok, I”ve got a TON to write about today.

I”ve basically got enough content here to make up for the lack of posts since Friday!

So let”s start with Friday:

5 Day Colon Cleanse Day 2

Friday was day 2 of my 5 day colon cleanse, and day 30 of the 60 day juice fast!

Here”s a sample of what the colon cleansing concoction looks like:

Dr. Schulze

Yuck! Right?

It looks extremely nasty and, for every intent and purpose, it is.

You”re basically swallowing a mixture purchase viagra without prescription of clay and charcoal when you do Dr. Schulze”s 5 Day Colon Cleanse.

It is NOT for the weak!

Also, on Friday, I came across some incredible Persian Cucumbers from Hanson”s Market.

HUGE Cucumbers!

Look at how big those things are! Believe it or not, they are organic and HIGHLY affordable. These are the best juicing cucumbers I”ve found to date!

Moving on past Friday, let”s get into the exciting stuff…

Longevity Conference Day 1

Day 1 of the Longevity Conference was simply incredible. I go to plenty of seminars, but Longevity Conference takes the cake… heh… literally! You won”t want to eat regular cake ever again after attending one of these seminars ;)

It would be impossible to describe what goes down at Longevity Conference in this blog post.

If you”re interested, I”d recommend searching for a site where you can purchase online access to the recordings, or the DVD set.

I know that their founder, David Wolfe, makes the recordings available. Here I am with David Wolfe:

Russell With David Wolfe

The big difference between Longevity Conference and every other conference I”ve attended was the quality of people, and the level of consciousness at the conference.

Everyone there seemed more “tuned in” than your average crowd- especially the speakers.

The speakers were less like your typical “here”s why you should listen to me speakers” and more like Ascended Masters of the Universe.

Ok, I”m not going to get all metaphysical on you. But seriously, I have never met a higher quality of speakers.

Longevity Conference was held together by a group of highly intelligent, highly valuable, incredibly helpful speakers – which set it apart from the rest.

Out of all the Speakers, the one whom I connected with most was Ron Teaguarden.

Ron Teaguarden is one of the most interesting people I”ve ever met. He”s largely credited with bringing Chinese medicine to the West, and has dedicated his life to researching and unleashing the power of natural herbs.

I have a lot left to learn from Ron and I feel as if our relationship has just begun.

I didn”t have a chance to take a picture with Ron, but here I am with Eric, one of his incredibly talented “brewmasters” (ok, I made that title up) at Ron”s Dragon Herbs Elixir Bar.

Here I am with Eric:

Russell With Eric From Dragon Herbs

Most interesting were the tea concoctions I had at the Dragon Herbs Elixir Bar.

Brewing Tea @ Dragon Herbs

The most intense tea was a special blend, brewed with a 25 year old ginseng root, cordyceps (one of the most valuable herbs in the world, collected from mountain tops in China where they naturally grow from caterpillars” bodies), goji, reishi, and deer antler.

The 25 year old gingseng root alone is worth about $25,000! This was some high quality tea, with extreme bodily benefits.

Cordyceps, Deer Antler, Goji, Reishi, and Ginseng Tea

I”ll tell you more about my experience with the tea later in this post ;)

Thankfully, I also ran into my good friends Caleb and Sheleana of

Caleb & Sheleana of

Russell with Caleb Jennings of

Caleb & Sheleana are a powerhouse couple and I highly recommend you check out their blog!

Longevity Conference Day 2

Longevity Conference continued with incredible content… too much for me to blog about in one post.

However, I would like to point out one very notable speaker, Dr. Jameth Sheridan

Russell With Dr. Jameth Sheridan

Dr. Sheridan is the most intelligent person I”ve met to date when it comes to vegan nutrition.

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions regarding a vegan diet, and all diets as a whole, and Dr. Sheridan is a genius when it comes to breaking it down and making it simple for anyone to adjust their diet to suit their needs.

Personally, I want to live to 150 years old, so my goal is to find the correct diet to extend my longevity as long as possible, so that I have more

time and can do as much as possible to change the world.

Back to Dr. Sheridan. You may not know Dr. Sheridan, but you probably know his company, HealthForce Nutritionals.

I never met Dr. Sheridan before today, however I”ve been a happy customer of HealthForce for over a year now! I highly recommend the Vitamineral Green product if you”re just getting started.

Speaking of which, HealthForce had 3 of their supplements – Vitamineral Green, Elixir of The Lake, and MacaForce on tap for anyone to enjoy as much as they want during the conference!

Needless to say, I was not well equipped with juice for the conference, so my diet consisted of nearly 100% HealthForce Nutritionals supplements and Dragon Herbs tea during the conference – again, I”ll tell you more about that later in the post ;)

One more thing – I told Dr. Sheridan that I”d love to give the readers of this website some solid advice on juicing and all around nutrition from a credible expert like himself.

Dr. Sheridan agreed for me to interview him for the blog! We have yet to schedule the interview, but I will keep you posted as it”s coming up : )

Finally, I”d like to introduce my friends at BlackBird Naturals.

Russell With the Crew From BlackBird Naturals

BlackBird Naturals specializes in selling seeds so that anyone can start their own organic, natural garden.

I personally can”t wait to start my garden, and I thoroughly believe that the world would be a much better place (and a much healthier place!) if we all ate locally grown, sustainable food.

Needless to say, they are based in Arizona near where I will be travelling to speak at a seminar within the next few weeks – so you very well may be in for another interview, where I”ll ask the ladies of BlackBird Naturals all about how to start your first garden, and the benefits of growing for yourself!

They”ve also got some pretty good tips for juicing ;)

If you”re ready to start your own garden now, I”m not quite sure how to order from them. But you should like BlackBird Naturals on Facebook and connect with them there to ask how to get started!

Now, finally…

The Morning After (5 Day Colon Cleanse Day 5)


I felt like total crap (and still do, kinda).

Let me break down what I did wrong here, so that you won”t suffer the same consequences I am today.

Lesson 1: ALWAYS Be Prepared With Green Juice

Due to my lack of preparation, I basically spent the whole weekend fasting on nothing but water.

At least the water was mixed with HealthForce supplements, but I wasn”t getting nearly the amount of calories I needed all weekend.

Lesson 2: Stacking Detoxes Can Get VERY Intense

So let”s look at the data: first, I was 31 days into a juice fast attending the seminar.

Second, I was pretty much on nothing but water all weekend, which in itself is a strong detox.

Third, I consumed the tea of incredibly detoxing superherbs all weekend (including the ginseng, cordyceps, deer antler, etc…)

Basically the end result was this: I was deprived on calories, detoxing my intestines/colon, and mixing in several other strong detoxes from super herbs.

I”d have a rough morning even if I was eating a full diet all weekend, but when you add that in on top of a 60 day juice fast it got pretty intense.

Basically this morning I couldn”t walk right, had a hard time standing up for short periods of time, and even breathing was difficult.

I ended up in bed until almost 12 PM, and then after I went into the office I could only stay for a few hours.

I realized there how deficient I was in Calories, and immediately went to create

a large batch of fresh juice.

This helped immensely, however I”m still detoxing like crazy and I know that tonight won”t be pleasant either ;)

Lesson 3: No Pain, No Gain

I believe that everything has to get worse before it gets better.

Everything in nature dies only to be reborn or passed on to the next generation.

YES, I am physically suffering today. But this is ONE day out of SIXTY in order to create ultimate health and vitality for the rest of my life.

I have no regrets for any of this. I could

have had a better strategy, YES, but the point is that if you take massive, committed action, you will see results in your life.

Not to mention, I weighed myself today, and I”m already down to 290 pounds. That means I”ve lost 7 pounds in the past 5 days.

I feel like my body is preparing itself for my future and often nature is working on me harder than I am myself.

When you do the right things, you create momentum, and you”ll continue to excel as long as you stay out of your own way.

One that note, it”s time to finish my last dose of Intestinal Formula and end that chapter of my detox.

Until tomorrow,
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At Longevity Conference

by Russell on October 2, 2011

Hey… where have I been?

I”ve been at the Longevity Conference in Costa Mesa this weekend, and I”m about to go back today!

I just wanted non prescription viagra to let you know where I”m at in case

you were

tionally well, as is the 5 day cleanse.

I will have a more comprehensive post for you late tonight or tomorrow.

My mission at Longevity Conference is to collect as much valuable information as I can to

share with you!

Until next time,
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Pulp Fiction

by Ross on September 30, 2011

I had a long chat buy viagra with Russell this morning where we compared notes on the halfway mark of our juice fasting experience.

One thing that I found very

interesting is a discussion we had about the difference between juicing and blending and the effect it has on your body.

I realize that I”ve been doing a mixture of juicing and blending while Russell has only done juicing.

The difference is that when you blend you”re fine chopping up all the fruit and veg and then drinking a more “solid” concoction as you consume all the pulp of the produce.

When you juice you actually “strain” the produce to produce pure juice and then you throw away all the pulp.


difference in weight between the juice and the pulp is very significant.

I just juiced the fruit and veg (see above) and was amazed at how heavy the pulp felt.

Russell thinks that this explains why I”m having a much tougher time than him getting through each day of the juice fast. He thinks that the extra pulp is making it harder to lose weight (as I consuming much more food). He also thinks that my body is in a constant state of turmoil as my stomach expects to receive more food and keeps reminding me that I”m hungry. Finally he also thinks that the pulp is slowing down my metabolism.

It makes sense to me.

I hadn”t really though about any of the above points. I thought that I was doing too much exercise and my body/muscle needed more carbs and protein to replenish and grow.

So what I”m going to do is an extremely strict 7 day pure juice regime with limited exercise.

It will be interesting

to see the results.

What do you think? Pulp Fiction?viagra tablet

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Where Next? Day 29 Ross

by Ross on September 30, 2011

home based jobs

00″ height=”225″ />
I”m at a very interesting point in my health and lifestyle reboot and I”m not sure which way to go.

I feel like I”ve

reached a weight loss plateau and am now losing weight very slowly. Checking the scale first thing in the morning is a huge order viagra online moral boost (when you lose weight) and demoralizing when you don”t lose weight.

I did my week 4 weigh in yesterday and lost just 2 pounds over the week. That”s a total of 25 pounds in 28 days.

I don”t know if I mentioned this but I did a 10 day juice fast about a month before I started this juice fast and lost net 10 pounds on that fast so I”ve lost a total of 35

pounds in the past 60 days. That”s a lot of weight and a great testimonial for how effective the juice fast is for losing weight.

The problem is that if I”ve plateaued out and I”m not losing weight fast enough I don”t want to carry on with the exact same juicing program.

What this all adds up to is that I”m thinking of changing direction after day 30 and doing a combo juice fast and P90X exercise program.

If you don”t know the P90X program I can tell you that it is extremely rigorous. Far too rigorous to do in conjunction with a strict juice fast so I will need to mix in

carbs / protein to the program. I”ve already upped my current exercise program to include a daily run (3 plus miles) and a free weights program. I can feel the new muscle growth and am loving it.

What should I do?
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Today I received Dr. Schulze”s 5 Day Bowel Detox Program in the mail:

otos/60dayjuicefast/6197304702/” target=”_blank”>Dr. Schulze

The detox includes “Formula #1″, which is for constipation and viagra pills australia promoting “regularity”.

You are supposed to take this daily until you”re regular if you”re constipated. This wasn”t a problem for me so I was ready to jump straight into Formula #2.

Formula #2 contains about a dozen all-natural ingredients, of which the most important is Bentonite Clay.

Essentially you add this mixture,

including the clay, to your drink 5 times a day for 5 days straight.

The effect is that it travels through your intestines and your bowels, clearing all the “bad stuff”.

The average human has up to 17 pounds of dried fecal manner inside their intestines, so you can imagine how much that effects your ability to absorb nutrition in your food!

A bowel detox enables you to assimilate and absorb nutrition in your food.

I see this like getting a “second chance”, and essentially restoring my body to its naturally healthy state.

This is an example of what you might take every day as part of Dr. Schulze”s 5 Day Bowel Detox:

Dr. Schulze

My first reaction was “YEEE-UCK!”

Adding the powdered Formula #2 to your drinks creates a very gelatinous, black mixture.

It”s a very weird feeling going down, especially having not eaten any solid food for 29 days.

However, as I write this post I only have 1 of the 5 packets left to take today, which I will take right before bed.

This definitely isn”t enjoyable, but if I can fast for 29 days

straight I can definitely get through these 5 days of detoxification with minor angst.

Finally, Dr. Schulze”s 5 Day Bowel Detox contains a bonus “Air Purifier”.

I”m not sure if I agree with it or if this part of the kit is snake oil. I will see how it helps with

my allergies to determine the validity of the product.

Essentially, the Air Purifier is an all-natural mixture which you spray into the air to remove toxic chemicals.

But be careful! The liquid is blue and can easily spray anything it contacts. You are supposed to spray it high enough into the air that it will not stain anything.

Finally, I want to give a shout out to Mina Shah, who”s gotten more shout-outs than anyone else on this blog!

Mina has taken the plunge and is doing a 5-day cleanse with me.

If you haven”t met Mina yet, check out her blog and follow her on facebook. Mina is a very inspiring person and she has many tools to help you live a passionate, empowered life.

Until tomorrow,
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28 Pounds in 27 Days (Russell Day 28)

by Russell on September 28, 2011


I had gotten in a rhythm of doing my weekly weigh-ins a day or two late, so


I decided to do

it early this week.

et=”_blank”>Week 4 Weigh-In

It looks like I”ve already lost 4 more pounds since I last weighed myself 5 days ago!

Today”s Weight: 297 Pounds

Starting Fast Weight: 325 Pounds

Starting Weight: 350 Pounds

Total Fast Weight Loss: 28 Pounds

Total Weight Loss: 53 Pounds

That”s right, I”ve lost a total of 28 pounds already in the fast, and 53 pounds since I committed to changing my life and raised my standards! Woot woot!

However, something weird happened this week.

I”m juicing more and more. Whereas usually my Farmer”s Market product lasts all week, I finished it yesterday… in less than half the time I usually do!

So today I had to go grocery shopping, and all this went into the day”s juice:

Day 28 Juicing Produce

Day 28 Juicing Produce

I”m going to have to figure out a better strategy to buy more at the farmer”s market, and store it

for up to a week, or this is gonna get expensive!

Anyways, I”m really excited to know it isn”t even halfway over yet. I can”t wait for the coming days and months as I continue to create exceptional changes in my life, and hopefully inspire others to do it too.

Until tomorrow,

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Going in Different Directions – Ross Day 27

by Ross on September 27, 2011

It has been very interesting to me to compare how Russell and I have approached the juice fast.

Russell really embraced the strict approach to just juice for 60 days and has thrived on eating no solids of any description. He has found it “easy”

to stick to just juice. I really admire his conviction and determination.

I haven”t been so lucky. I”ve found it to be a constant battle to get through every day on just juice. I”ve “cheated”

regularly by having a whole tomato or pear and have been going to bed as early as possible just to get the day over and done with. I”ve also been desperate for protein so

I”ve started to add nuts and beans to my morning juice and I”m having more and more smoothies (just organic fruits and vegetables with no dairy) than pure juice. The difference is that the smoothie is made in the blender (so it has some “body”) as opposed to the liquid state of the juice.

Basically every day has been a challenge.

On the flip side I”ve really embraced exercise and have really got into running. I actually had an euphoric high at the start of my 3 mile run this morning (but it went away as soon as I hit the first hill). I can feel the new muscle and can really see the weight loss in my face, chest and legs (but not the stomach). I even caught someone checking out my butt (it made me feel like Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs and the jeans commercial) and I now fit into clothes I haven”t worn for years.

I wonder what difference exercise makes to the juice fast? Does it make it harder or easier? Is it the reason that I find each day a challenge while Russell cruises through the day? Or is it all just in my head?

So it looks like Russell and I are going down similar but different paths to get to the same destination.




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